Black Tiger Shrimp

I’m working for a company which sells seafoods.

Sometimes I can have seafoods as much as I can.

Tonight, we, my colleagues and I, greilled shrimps and had dinner.


We call it, “Black Tiger Shripm”.
I’ve had this shrimp when I was young,
maybe 15, 16 years old.


I guess they just call it “Black Tiger Shrimp”,
because the pattern on the surface looks like tiger’s.
But I’m not sure why they call it “Black Tiger Shrimp” exactly.
It’s imported from Vietnam.


The most important thing is spreading out salt on the grill plate, under the shripms.

During you’re grilling shrimps, they’re absorbing the taste of salt.
So they’re more delicious when you finish to grill.

I think I had a wonderful dinner tonight, even there were not enough food to eat.


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