Friday night~~

It’s Friday today.

Many people usually have an appointment for having dinner or drinks.

I usually do, either.

But I’ve had a course for some certificate, related with computer and language.
And it’s 6:30 to 10:30 in the evening.
So I don’t have enough time to do in the evening.

It’s Friday today.
So I thought I have to do something nice.
And I bought a can of beer, a beef jerky and a snack, when I came back home.

Had dinner late.
And having those things right now.
A can of beer, a beef jerky and a snack.



I usually drink Asahi or Heineken or Guinness.
But it’s a little bit difficult to get a usualy store in Korea, except Heineken.
I can buy those two beers in a big supermarket, like Wall-Mart.


It’s a beef jerky, made in Korea.
I like to have a beef jerky very much.


It’s a snack, also made in Korea.
I guess it’s made of sweet potato.
It’s very sweet and delicious.
I don’t like to have a snack, but I have this one frome time to time.


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