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Frank sinatra – Let it snow


Every Christmas, I hear this song.

Let It Snow  Let It Snow Let It Snow, sung by Frank Sinatra

It makes me feel real Christmas, even there usually doesn’t snow in Busan, South Korea.

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黃品源(Huang Pin Yuan) – 小薇(xiaowei)


It’s been 4 years since I came back to Korea from Beijing, China.

Sometimes I thought of the past when I stayed in Beijing.
I don’t remember how I studied Chinese language.
It just came to remembrance where I’ve been to, what I’ve seen, how I’ve felt in China.
Most of them are travelling and songs and how I’ve enjoyed them.

When I was in Beijing, I came to Baidu(百度) web site and searched some Chinese songs from time to time.
But it’s very difficult to find good songs, unless I listen to them completely.
So I just played all songs and listened them on Baidu.
Most popular songs in a week, 1 to 100 songs.

One day I found a soong, titled “小微(Xiaowei)”.
When I was  listening that song, I liked it right away.
‘Cause there was a friend, named “something Wei(~微)”.
I can’t recall her full name.

So I just listened this song many times and practiced singing.
I had a chance to meet her in Beijing.
But I couldn’t have a chance to sing this song for her.

Sometimes I listen to Chinese songs in Korea.
When I listen this song, it reminds me the time when I met her in Beijing.

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