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Friday night~~


It’s Friday today.

Many people usually have an appointment for having dinner or drinks.

I usually do, either.

But I’ve had a course for some certificate, related with computer and language.
And it’s 6:30 to 10:30 in the evening.
So I don’t have enough time to do in the evening.

It’s Friday today.
So I thought I have to do something nice.
And I bought a can of beer, a beef jerky and a snack, when I came back home.

Had dinner late.
And having those things right now.
A can of beer, a beef jerky and a snack.



I usually drink Asahi or Heineken or Guinness.
But it’s a little bit difficult to get a usualy store in Korea, except Heineken.
I can buy those two beers in a big supermarket, like Wall-Mart.


It’s a beef jerky, made in Korea.
I like to have a beef jerky very much.


It’s a snack, also made in Korea.
I guess it’s made of sweet potato.
It’s very sweet and delicious.
I don’t like to have a snack, but I have this one frome time to time.

What a white world~~


It’s snowed during the night.

It’s very strange when I saw the street in the morning.

I haven’t seen snowing in the winter.
But it’s already March.
It doesn’t snow in this season, in this city.
Almost of colleaques were late for work today.








Black Tiger Shrimp


I’m working for a company which sells seafoods.

Sometimes I can have seafoods as much as I can.

Tonight, we, my colleagues and I, greilled shrimps and had dinner.


We call it, “Black Tiger Shripm”.
I’ve had this shrimp when I was young,
maybe 15, 16 years old.


I guess they just call it “Black Tiger Shrimp”,
because the pattern on the surface looks like tiger’s.
But I’m not sure why they call it “Black Tiger Shrimp” exactly.
It’s imported from Vietnam.


The most important thing is spreading out salt on the grill plate, under the shripms.

During you’re grilling shrimps, they’re absorbing the taste of salt.
So they’re more delicious when you finish to grill.

I think I had a wonderful dinner tonight, even there were not enough food to eat.

Dunhill Cigarette Case


Today I went to a store to buy a pack of cigarette.

And I saw this case.


It looked very nice, so I bought it, even I don’t smoke this brand.


The side veiw of the case.
There are some information and the name of this cigarette.


It’s just a steel case.

There is no other functions.


It’s the original figure of the cigarette.

It’s more expensive than usual one.
But there’s no other value, except looking good.
And it’s not that convenient at all.

The most popular Korean drama these days.

Actually, I like to watch it. 메롱
It’s called "Three Brothers".
I haven’t watched them all.
But I watch them whenever I have a spare time.
I guess it’s correspond to Korean peopel very much, for our common sense.


Today’s shopping list


Sometimes I go to a big supermarket and buy things.

Today, after I finished my work, I went there.

It’s called “E-Mart”, like “Wal-Mart”.

Let me show you what I bought tonight.


I bought many things tonight.



It’s called Gimbap, actually, it’s Korean style Kimbap.
We can buy it many places easily in Korea.



It’s a milk which contains a banana and strawberry flavour.
It’s very delicious and I really like to drink them very much.



They are beers.

Corona and Asahi.

There are many beers which come from foreign countries in Korea.
We can find them in a big supermarket.
Unfortunately,  I couldn’t find “Qingdao Beer” tonight.
I also like to drink them very much.


Well, it’s a little bit difficult to explain to you.

It’s one of bathroom goods which can unblock the drain.
I’m sure you can understand what it is when you see the label on this platic bottle.



 misc11   misc12

The last one.

An assorted snack set.
We can see them in a big supermarket in Korea.
It’s a little bit cheaper than buying one.

I’m going to drink two bottle of beer and some snack tonight.
I’m in a good mood tonight, even I have to drink beers alone.

Having dinner, using Korean delivery service


I’m working for a seafood company now.
And I moved to another city, leaving my hometown.

So I usually have dinner, using delivery service.
There are so many restuarant which have delivery service.

Tonight, I had a dinner, using a delivery service which is provided us with Korean typical foods in Korea.


This is the whole picture of one set.
You can see the usual fixed form.

This is the main dish, called the roasted pork.
We can put a green onion, onion, carrot, Korean pepper and Korean hot pepper paste into a pork,
and Then roast them.
Looks delicious??

One of Korean typical food, called the skewered food.
I like to eat them.

It’s the sausage.
we cook them with an egg.

Maybe a
nybody knows what it is.
It’s Kim-chi.

It’s the Korean style bean-paste soup.
The taste is similar with a Japanese Miso soup.
But it’s more salty than Miso soup.

Another Korean typical food, called a sliced garlic and Korean style of soybean paste.
We, Korean people, like to have them very much.

Another Korean typical food, made of sesame leaves.
It’s a little bit spicy.

What do you think?

I think it’s enough for one meal.
We can eat meat soup and many kind of vegetables.

Rice-gruel with a ear shell


I got a new job recently.

So I had to leave my hometown and move to another city, called Po-Hang(浦项).

I’m working with a company which trades marine products, such as ear-shell, king carb, sashimi, boat whistle, cuttlefishe, anchovy, dried saury and so on.

Po-Hang is famous for dried saury very much.
And many koreans also like to eat them.


This is a dried saury.
It looks ugly, but you’d think it’s very delicious if you eat them once.
I’ve read some article before.
There’s also a dried saury in Japan.
But they make a dried herring.

Anyway, we cook some rice-gruel with ear shells tonight.
Sometimes we cook some food, using with some marine products which are belong to us.

ear_shell01    ear_shell02

This is the ear shell.
We also deal in them.

 rice_gruel01    rice_gruel02

This is the rice-gruel with ear shell.
It’s very delicious and good for the health.

vergatable03    vergatable01


And we, Korean people, like to eat meals with many kind of vegatables.
It’s Kim-chi in the circular dish.
And you can see raw brown seaweed, Chinese cabbage, garic, hot pepper in the plate

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