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Frank sinatra – Let it snow


Every Christmas, I hear this song.

Let It Snow  Let It Snow Let It Snow, sung by Frank Sinatra

It makes me feel real Christmas, even there usually doesn’t snow in Busan, South Korea.

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黃品源(Huang Pin Yuan) – 小薇(xiaowei)


It’s been 4 years since I came back to Korea from Beijing, China.

Sometimes I thought of the past when I stayed in Beijing.
I don’t remember how I studied Chinese language.
It just came to remembrance where I’ve been to, what I’ve seen, how I’ve felt in China.
Most of them are travelling and songs and how I’ve enjoyed them.

When I was in Beijing, I came to Baidu(百度) web site and searched some Chinese songs from time to time.
But it’s very difficult to find good songs, unless I listen to them completely.
So I just played all songs and listened them on Baidu.
Most popular songs in a week, 1 to 100 songs.

One day I found a soong, titled “小微(Xiaowei)”.
When I was  listening that song, I liked it right away.
‘Cause there was a friend, named “something Wei(~微)”.
I can’t recall her full name.

So I just listened this song many times and practiced singing.
I had a chance to meet her in Beijing.
But I couldn’t have a chance to sing this song for her.

Sometimes I listen to Chinese songs in Korea.
When I listen this song, it reminds me the time when I met her in Beijing.

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Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say I Love You (Live in London, 1995)


It’s one of my favorite songs.

Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say I Love You.

Yes, it’s the old fashion song.
The original one was sung by Stevie Wonder a long long time ago.

But I still love this song and lyric.

I’m touching whenever I listen to the song.
It makes me feel comfort everytime.

I’d like to sing this song to someone who I care someday.


I Just Called To Say I Love You

sung by Stevie Wonder

No New Year’s Day to celebtate
No chocloate covered candy hearts to give away
No first of spring
No song to sing
In fact here’s just another ordinary day

No April rain
No flowers bloom
No wedding Saturday within the month of June
But what it is something true
Made up of these three words
That I must say to you

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care
I just called to say I love you
and I mean it from the bottom of my heart

No summer’s high
No warm July
No harvest moon to light on-e tender August night
No autumn breeze
No falling leaves
Not even time for birds to fly to southern skies

No Libra sun
No Halloween
No giving thanks to all the Christnas joy you bring
But what it is though old so new
To fill your heart like no three words could ever do

**repeat twice


stevie-wonder1 Stevie_Wonder-ces-2009-blind-gadgets

 Stevie_Wonder 539w   


Yoon Do Hyun(윤도현) – If I Were You, I Would (너라면 좋겠어)


It’s the movie sound track for “Fly Penguin”.

I haven’t watched this movie, but I think this song is very good for listening.



Davichi – Hot Stuff MV (My Fair Lady OST)





The OST of Korean television drama, titled “My Fair Lady”.

I like this song and all actors and actress in this drama.

Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra MV (English + Romanization + Korean Lyric)



The latest Korean women group, called “Brown Eyed Girls”.

20232   Brown_Eyed_Girls_launches_B-Girls

0626-brown-eyed-girls6     1215191287_brown%20eyed%20girls%20big


All of me – Morikawa Natsuki



All of me – Morikawa Natsuki

I like this song, especially like the song which she sings.

I guess she’s Japanese.

I guess her voice doesn’t fit to Jazz songs.
But I still like her songs.

 GZCA5127_1    160741

Maroon 5 – The Way You Look Tonight (Cover Frank Sinatra)


I usually like these kind of music.

But I can hardly find them.

‘Cause I haven’t belong to these kind of culture.

I’ve just come in touch them on a radio or a television in Korea from time to time.

Pussycat Dolls – Sway


Couple of days ago,
I’ve heard this song on TV.
It was a TV commercial soundtrack in Korea.

I thought it was a perfect song for these kind of the weather.
It’s been an muggy weather and rainy season in Korea.

These kind of weather makes me exhausted.
I hope it passes sooner then I think.

But I felt easy when I listened to the song.

I wonder how many members in the group.
I totally lost it. 어지러워
But I think all of the members are quite pretty. 부끄러워


用心良苦 (I meant well) – 张宇 (Zhang Yu)


I’ve heard this song when I went to Shanghai around 10 years ago.

I’ve been to Singapore for a year.
And I just came back to Korea from Singapore at that time.

After I came back to Korea from Singapore, I’ve studied Chinese for 4, 5 months.
’Cause I’ve met couple of Chinese friends in Singapore and had a lot of interests about China.
So I wanted to study Chinese and get to know China.

After 6 months later, I’ve been to Shanghai and Nanjing for two months for travelling.

One of my sister’s friends helped me to settle in Shanghai.
He was studying political science in Shanghai.

This song is he recommanded me to listen.
I didn’t know who the singer is and how much he has his reputation.
But the song is very good to listen.
And I bought CD title which was cantained his song at that time.
And I’ve been keeping the CD title till now.


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